Someone other than Marolt, please |

Someone other than Marolt, please

Dear Editor:Who at The Aspen Times has decided that Roger Marolt is the arbiter of all things about skiing in Aspen? Yes, I realize that he’s a fourth-generation Aspenite and a rockin’ CPA. I know his family donated the open space that 48 percent of voters want to convert into a four-lane highway. I’ve even heard he’s still a pretty hot skier. But please, in the future, find someone else to get a quote from. Please find an Aspenite who has something nice to say.Mr. Marolt is waaaaay overexposed. He’s on TV, he writes his own self-involved column in your paper, and now he’s the guy quoted in the first paragraph in your page one article about Highlands’ opening day.I’m sure Mr. Marolt is a swell guy in real life, but in print he often sounds like a blowhard with an inflated sense of his own importance. It would be great if his rhetoric were confined to his own byline so that those who wish to avoid his negative sentiment could easily do so.Thank you.Andrew IsraelAspen

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