Somebody’s gotta do it |

Somebody’s gotta do it

To: Editor

From: Ward Hauenstein, Aspen

Re: Ski patrol

I want to express my appreciation to all the mountain ski patrol for hard work they perform to make skiing as safe as possible. Sometimes they are more concerned for our safety than we are. When you see closed signs on the mountain please obey them. They are closed for safety reasons ” not because it is some stash for someone else. I like to skin up Ajax and once in a while I get turned around by the patrol for my own safety. I am disappointed when I cannot get that power run before the lifts open but I always express my appreciation for the work the patrol is doing. It is a physically demanding and dangerous job that the patrol performs. Please take a moment to express your thanks to the next patrol person you’re within earshot of, when you can.

Thank you, ski patrollers, for everything you do.

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