Some traffic solutions |

Some traffic solutions

Dear Editor:

I have received some nice compliments on my letters that you have printed. Now, here is a “slam dunk.” Since I don’t live in Aspen I can ask this question, “Is the Aspen Traffic Council brain dead?” All they are recommending is a series of Band-Aids to treat symptoms. Why not get rid of the problem, or at least substantially reduce it? If you dust off some of my traffic letters of three to five years ago you see that help is but a thought away.

Put traffic signals at Cemetery Lane and at the golf course on blinkers at peak hours. Traffic going right as it is now would merge right. Those who wish to go left, merge right, Cemetery Lane to the round-a-bout to go left into Aspen; ditto for the golf course folks at the Maroon Creek underpass to go left into Aspen. And, how about using the bus lanes at rush hour?

Furthermore, create two lanes exiting to the bridge and ask for courteous merging out of Aspen. Once across, the two lanes each way would go through the round-a-bout, use bus lanes to Owl Creek Road.

I know, I know, the “naysayers” will say “what’s this guy know – he’s no traffic engineer.” Well, I know plenty. I developed more than 16,000 building lots and had to learn about signals, turning movement, special lanes and the list goes on. You see, councils are all for growth, as long as there are no changes. I’m pleased to report that many of my communities solved existing problems, and provide tax revenue for other improvements.

Straight shot, half shot, no shot, ain’t needed, nor do we want to lose the Marolt open space.

OK, so the Aspen Traffic Council doesn’t like these suggestions, at least try them. And, a few cheap signs will do.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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