Some thoughts on local politics |

Some thoughts on local politics

Dear Editor:As I read it, Tim Semrau’s positions grow more and more similar to Mick Ireland’s positions and that is troubling. Mick has a consistency: I know where he stood yesterday; I know where he stands today; and I know where he will be tomorrow. Tim is a moving target that makes me suspicious. I never liked Tim’s plan to allow owners of affordable housing, housing subsidized by you and me and the rules we created, to gain extra economic benefits should they sell. It smacks of a callous attempt to buy votes. But there appears to be a fundamental difference between Tim and Mick: Tim sees working with developers, Realtors and the like to control growth on a more voluntary basis; whereas, Mick thinks regulation is the way to rein in the rampant growth we’re seeing today. When we’re talking millions and millions to be made, do you think volunteerism can work? I’m reminded of something said by billionaire Warren Buffet a year or so back. It was to the effect that the corporate world (business) needs government controls for their own good. I urge a vote for Mick Ireland.Regarding the council runoff between Steve Skadron and Toni Kronberg, I have to go with Steve. There are just so many questions about Toni – the biggest one being Aspen residency – that it just seems like throwing away a vote. Once elected, if her residency is not valid, it would be up to council to appoint someone to fill her term. Yes, they might appoint Steve, but they could also appoint someone else.Finally, Jeffrey Evans is at it again. The Redstone resident, well heeled by anonymous backers, is pushing for his four-lane straight shot into Aspen, and he’s circulating petitions. Though you may be tempted, I urge you not to sign it. Let the planning process proceed in a logical and reasoned manner.Jon BuschAspen

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