Some things can’t be tolerated

Dear Editor:

Nancy Pelosi has apparently retrieved her Lava Lamp from the attic, scratched around in the dresser drawers to find a few micro-dots that still had a kick, lit up the old bong and is again blessing us with her incoherent, spaced-out hippy wisdom!

She is pressing to investigate … we Americans who object to the mosque being planned in an area that was impacted by the landing gear of a plane that was part of a radical Islam instrument of Jihad Anti-Infidel ground zero killing machine! This is a portion of the area where attacks from radical Muslims killed almost 3,000 Americans as well as other innocent people of other nations, religions and cultures.

When will it be understood that not all things about all cultures, all ethnic heritage and all religious teachings are to be accepted, admired, approved and most of all … tolerated by liberty and freedom-loving Americans? Some convoluted, corrupted ideological dogma deserves to be resisted, admonished and rejected until it is understood that they are inhumane, despicable and unworthy of any culture, ethnic heritage or religion.

If I see one rebutting letter from a bonehead-bottomfeeding-Bushdidit wanting an … example! … I will flip!

Quit … quit playing in your local sandbox and do something for the United States! More and more Americans are understanding Obama’s despicable administration!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs


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