Some road solutions |

Some road solutions

Dear Editor:In response to a letter in the July 5 Aspen Times, state law says bicyclists are subject to the same protections and rights and responsibilities on our roads as cars. I wish more bicyclists (and drivers) would obey the laws. Roads are designed for cars because cars are heavier, but both have the same rights. Bicycle paths are a nice alternative and I can assure you already being heavily used.Responses to Commissioner McCown’s July 2 statements (“Cyclists no longer spinning wheels in Garfield County,” June 3):• 25 percent (not 10 percent) of the U.S. population bicycles, according to the Omnibus Transportation Survey by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of July 2001. Since surveys of Colorado residents show that we are much more active than most of the states, we can conclude that this statistic of 25 percent is actually higher.• If Garfield County has been using three-quarter-inch stone all this time, then they have obviously changed methods of putting down the chip and seal, as it was never this rough 10 years ago. I would like to know if they are using less oil or rolling it less? Since there is already three-quarter-inch stone in the roads, the roads already have structural integrity and we can now add three-eighth-inch stone.• Finally all the bicyclists at the commissioners meeting on Monday are no doubt car drivers and do not want broken windshields and car damage from these poorly constructed chip-and-seal roads.• Other Colorado counties have found ways to do a good job of chip and seal, so why not follow their methods? Need extra money? Just ask the gas and oil companies to pay their way!Betsy LincicomeCarbondale

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