Some questions for Shoemaker |

Some questions for Shoemaker

Dear Editor:

A question for Sloan Shoemaker. I am just wondering how long you are going to pretend to compromise with the motorized community? Your “Get the Facts” section on your Hidden Gems website states that motorized travel including snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles are not permitted. So what exactly is there to negotiate?

The simple fact is that you have run into a large amount of opposition from this community and are trying to quiet the uproar. And further more you are trying to mask your soft tyrannical agenda to deceive the public. But why? If you are so confident in your proposal, why can’t you tell the public the actual mileage of trails to be closed?

Your group continues to give a figure of 4.5 to 15 miles of closed trails. But what you are not telling people is that these are mapped trails by the forest service. You are not including unmapped trails, which greatly exceeds your figure. As one gentleman said at the WRFA meeting last week, even if we compromised and gave up 400,000 acres you would be back next year demanding 200,000 more. And so forth and so on.

And finally, Sloan, why must you rush this proposal to some bureaucrats that don’t even live in the proposed areas? Stop acting like a politician and show the public your true agenda. Let the local public as a whole decide with a yes or no vote. Not the few who think they know what is best for us.

Brandon Toomey


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