Some questions for George |

Some questions for George

(This letter was originally addressed to President George W. Bush.)

Before you take our country off to at least one, if not two wars, without any real justification to begin the 2003 year, please answer to me and the rest of the world several simple questions.

Do we not supply nuclear material, and have for some time, to Iraq, Iran and Pakistan?

Do not both France and the Soviet Union supply Iraq with nuclear material for reactors?

Has the United States, since 1975, not been able to account for 536 sources of (potentially weapon grade) plutonium provided to some 33 other countries?

Has the United States of America not supplied radioactive plutonium and uranium to some 60 countries around the world as part of the Cold War Atoms for Peace project, started in the 1950’s by President Eisenhower for use in nuclear energy and research?

Has not the last decade of U.S.-on-Iraq economic sanctions started by your father ended up killing more innocent civilians (about one of every 23) than all of the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons used in all of human history combined, while costing the Iraqis over $160 billion in potential oil revenues?

Did not the Reagan-Bush administration initiate supporting Iraq against Iran for the first five or six years until Iran fell?

Is not Iraq sitting on top of the second largest known oil reserve in the world?

Can you explain to me how our going to war with Iraq is about nothing but oil (as was taking Alaska over as a state)?

Can you explain to me what the “W” in your middle name stands for?

Doc Philip


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