Some questions about swine flu |

Some questions about swine flu

Dear Editor:

I have some questions about the swine flu vaccine.

Are there any long-term studies on the effectiveness, side effects, or long-term consequences about the vaccine? What are the ingredients in this vaccine and are any of them considered poisonous?

What are the chances of someone being hurt by the vaccine? Are there any studies about vaccines and cancer or fertility problems? Do the assumed benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks?

How do vaccines work on a cellular level and how do they affect the immune system on a cellular level? Do vaccines affect genetic material? Are multiple vaccines safe?

Are vaccinated people healthier than unvaccinated people? How many people really get the flu as opposed to “influenza like illness (ILI)?” How many people have really died from the flu? Are there any correlations to flu shots and long-term, chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, and other auto-immune illnesses?

Is there more that we can do other than coughing in our sleeves, washing our hands, and getting flu shots? Have studies that show how acupuncture and chiropractic improve the immune system been considered? What role does good nutrition play? Can stress management help in improving our immune systems? Do toxins in our bodies or electromagnetic radiation compromise our immune systems?

Is there a conflict of interest in vaccine policy decisions? How much is fear being used in this campaign? There are answers!

Dr. Tom Lankering


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