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Some positive news

Dear Editor:

My family and I had the privilege of moving to Aspen earlier this summer. We have fallen in love with the valley and everything it offers. We also understand that there are many issues facing the area. One can’t help but be constantly reminded of them in all the media: traffic, affordable housing, environmental concerns, development, construction, etc.

But for a moment, we would like to share a wonderful, recent experience that I hope will remind us what a truly amazing, special place this is and how lucky we are to be here. My daughter attends Aspen Elementary School. Several weeks ago, parents were invited to participate in one of the regularly scheduled field trips to really interesting places. This particular trip was to the Holden/Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum. We had a brisk walk from the campus to the museum site, with the surrounding mountains showing off a dusting of snow from the night before. We were greeted by Larry, our tour guide. From the moment we arrived, the children and parents were captivated by the local history, the accomplishments of the pioneer industrialists and the science of early mineral processing.

What made the experience so memorable were several things we are blessed to have in our midst: a teacher ” Lisa Lawrence ” who with her enthusiasm teaches our children a love for learning, a school system that promotes the local history, and Larry ” a gifted historian and storyteller that every child should have the pleasure of felling his magic. Next, the museum itself is spectacular ” well laid out, simply interesting and surrounded by the Sleeping Indian Chief of Shadow Mountain with the rushing of Castle Creek in the background. All within a short walk from where our kids go to school, tucked away along a section of our great bike trail system, just waiting to be enjoyed.

How wonderful is that?! There may be a lot in question about Aspen’s future, but what we are providing our children should not be forgotten.

Pam Baukus

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