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Some party

Dear Editor:What an embarrassment!Last week the Aspen Skiing Co. had the opportunity to put a little “zing” in the otherwise boring (or completely missing) après-ski routine that has settled in at the bottom of Ajax.Having advertised a “beer and cake” party … (and who picked that combo anyway?) … to celebrate the 60th year of the Skico, a variety of folks arrived at the scheduled 2:30 p.m. start time to enjoy some fun and suds.Un-flipping-believably, those who arrived only a half hour later were met with, “sorry, no more beer” (and received the consolation prize of petit four-sized cakes).In comparison, the Men’s Health tent, on BOTH days of their appearance at the base, provided bottled beer and snacks just for stopping by over a two-hour period.Will the person, or persons, hired by our town to “figure out how to reinvigorate the inner core” (at many tens of thousands of dollars, no less) please go light a fire under the Skico so they understand what a “party” involves?A live band, plenty of beer, a DJ playing tunes and asking trivia questions (on Aspen’s history) wouldn’t have cost but five grand …Instead we got to “eat cake.”Scott CrowAspen