Some info about Fitz-Gerald |

Some info about Fitz-Gerald

Dear Editor:

Joan Fitz-Gerald is the strongest and best choice for U.S. Congress in the 2nd Congressional District. I have known Joan for many years through my work with the Colorado Association of Ski Towns and have seen her stand up for what is right despite partisan and political pressures. What a rare bird in today’s environment. That is why we are hosting a reception for Joan this Thursday, Nov. 15, at Toklat Gallery in Basalt, from 5 to 7 p.m. Don’t miss this opportunity to be blown away by Joan’s leadership, character and frankness.

For those who aren’t familiar with Joan’s awesomeness, here are a few reasons I think she is great:

Joan …

1) was the first woman elected Senate president in Colorado’s history ” she was the best woman (or man) for the job and has been a superstar in this important position.

2) built the coalition that passed Referendum C and put Colorado back on the road to fiscal recovery.

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3) took the lead with the governor and the Legislature to spearhead a number of bills supporting a new energy economy and to fight global warming.

4) has promised that her first order of business in D.C. is to get our troops out of Iraq now … no excuses and no exceptions.

There are other Democrats running in the 2nd Congressional District, great people, but Joan has more guts and experience than most. Come meet her on Thursday, and you will know as I do why she is the strongest and best choice for Congress from Colorado.

Jacque R. Whitsitt


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