Some high-society observations |

Some high-society observations

Some high-society observationsDear Editor:As you stroll in Aspen, Colorado, doing your window shopping or stimulating mind’s sense of what is quality and what is junk, you ought to recognize the top of the line of the upper-crust circles and the high society set in New York City.The exceptionally high-society oriented folk in our United States of America would immediately spy, stop and deeply think on the great significance of a subtle upper-class message, whispering to all who understand its import, even for “W” Magazine, which knows she has the “high society it label.”Many of the uncivilized, raw meat eating, mindless savage individuals who claim Aspen as residence or their ilk who flock to Aspen with their uncouth personalities and baboon manners may wonder who and what Emzy Veazy III is writing about.This is good for those who are enlightened and for those who want to better themselves.Numerous times I do stop in front of the MAX storefront at the Aspen Square Condominium Hotel and read the small sign with the “WOW!” message! My Dec. 29 behavior repeated my previous stop, look, read and reflect actions with their awesome feelings surfacing and long lingering after my departure from the MAX boutique.The MAX “WOW!” message should appeal to and motivate all real Aspen area high-society individuals and eager social climbers to definitely attend and be seen at the January 2011 MAX Clothing Stores 25th Anniversary Party & Fashion Show Featuring New York City High Society’s Diane von Furstenberg and Her Spring 2011 Fashion Collection!As I stood outside MAX again writing down the information worth a David Rockefeller nod to all that they do business with you, MAX owner Max Martinez came out to speak with me. He give me more information. Synchronicity, a favorite topic of Carl Jung, played itself.Max Martinez let me know MAX had already raised $225,000 of its $350,000 target.The proceeds benefit The Children’s Hospital Heart Institute and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. You can get tickets at all MAX locations, even in Aspen and in fabulous Cherry Creek in Denver. In Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley who has the upper-crust class sense and the mere dollars to meet Diane von Furstenberg in person? Do you? Emzy Veazy IIIAspen and Burbank, Calif.

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