Some families have no say on 2B |

Some families have no say on 2B

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to express how upset and frustrated I was when I went to vote and found out that I couldn’t vote on the most important decision to me in this election, 2B.

I was told that because I live in Woody Creek, I am outside the city limits and therefore don’t qualify to have a voice on my own school district! I grew up in Aspen, went through the Aspen school system and also have two little girls – one goes to Aspen Elementary and the other to The Cottage – yet I have no say in their educational future.

I think something needs to change, and I should have a voice when it comes to the Aspen School District, considering my children both attend there and also because I want my tax money to go toward their education and their future.

In my neighborhood of Pitkin Iron alone, there are 14 kids who go to Aspen schools and who would have been 2B “yes” votes. I hope I was misinformed and I do have a say.

If, however, I wasn’t, something needs to change, and every family that has kids in our school district should be allowed to vote toward any decision that concerns them and their families.

Karla Henrichon


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