Some election thoughts |

Some election thoughts

Dear Editor:This is the first election in more than 25 years in which I have not had a column for endorsements. It is an exceedingly important election, for more than any time in recent history we are given clear choices in the mayoral race. We have to judge not on campaign rhetoric but rather voting records, especially because all major candidates have served in public office.So let me put my opinion clearly. Tim Semrau is a developer. His record is pro-development. Torre is a middle-of-the-road kind of guy, and Mick Ireland, some complain, is a career politician. Don’t let that put you off. I’m voting for Mick and urge you to cast your vote for him as well. What we need now is strong leadership. Mick’s experience in government gives him an invaluable knowledge base, and if you’ve been to any of his county commissioner meetings, you have seen someone who knows what is before them down to the finest detail. Developers are running rampant in this community. We need someone who can stand up to them – if need be, I might add. Mick is the guy who can, and he is still genuinely a nice guy, even if I’m on the losing side.The race for council is much, much more difficult for me. In fact I can only endorse one candidate, and that is Michael Wampler. He’s lived here almost as long as me and is running out of a state of alarm about what Aspen is becoming. That’s it. I’m only voting for two people for council – Mick and Mike.Regarding the Entrance, I’m of a very mixed mind. I came upvalley during evening rush hour the other day and saw traffic backed up at the Basalt traffic light. It is a harbinger of things to come. We can’t simply pave our way out of the traffic problem. The only answer in my mind is a mass transit system not dependent on the highway, and that probably means rail. The other essential element is affordable housing in Aspen, and it must be a mix of sale and especially long-term rental. You want to get the workers off the highway? Find them affordable housing in Aspen.Jon BuschAspen

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