Solve our problems, first |

Solve our problems, first

Dear Editor:Is it just me, or do you think that it is a little bit strange that so many residents of the Roaring Fork Valley have all of our country’s problems figured out? They know just where old George went wrong and are more than happy to enlighten the rest of us. They know which wars are acceptable, and they know how best to fight the ones we find ourselves in. They even had all the right answers about Hurricane Katrina. It’s just too bad that they didn’t share them with us beforehand.Sometimes I count myself lucky to be residing among so many who possess so much knowledge. Then I find myself driving downvalley and having to deal with the traffic. It seems to me that at least one of these mavens could solve the entrance problems to our fine little metropolis that has existed for 37 years and 26 votes. So, let’s skip the critique of the State of the Union address and focus your talents where we could all use it.Rob McClainAspen


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