Solve gridlock with aerial people mover |

Solve gridlock with aerial people mover

Dear Editor:

I totally agree with Gary Goldstein’s letter to the editor on Sept. 23 (the editor who always seems to come up with solutions) … what about auto pollution and the constant gridlock in the Entrance to Aspen? What is the council going to do about?

With the new Base Village in Snowmass soon to come online … can you imagine how many stinky cars and buses are going to clog Aspen’s Entrance even more?

Even if Aspen City Council decided to build an unrestricted four-lane highway across the Marolt Open Space, the road surface will still not be enough to handle the volume plus all those cars and buses emit greenhouse gases and cancer causing pollutants into the air.

The good news: A work session has been scheduled with Aspen City Council on Nov. 17 to discuss a proposed aerial people mover from the Buttermilk/CDOT/Pitkin County/Ski Company Bus Intercept Lot to Aspen.

What could be more environmentally green than a aerial mass transit people mover?

Toni Kronberg


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