Solve energy crisis, aid the economy |

Solve energy crisis, aid the economy

Dear Editor:

Former Vice President Al Gore recently announced his challenge to make America’s electricity grid 100 percent renewable in 10 years. His vision to reduce our dependence on oil makes both economic and environmental sense. Increasing production of clean, renewable energy will create jobs , save Americans money, and protect our natural resources.

Vice President Gore also criticized the deeply-flawed logic of increasing offshore drilling to reduce gasoline prices. Drilling offshore will not affect gas prices, yet President Bush, Senator McCain and their allies in Congress continue to promote these failed policies of the past.

The Energy Information Administration reported that drilling has increased 75 percent since Bush took office, but gas prices have shot up over 250 percent during that same time. This pattern will not change. The bottom line is that drilling only benefits Big Oil, Bush and their allies in Congress, not the American people.

While the costs of limited resources rise as they are consumed, demand for renewable energy creates a competitive industry that drives prices down. The answers to our energy problems also are the solutions to our failing economy. If Americans are prepared to demand change from their leaders, they will see results. We need to embrace American ingenuity and innovative technologies that will create jobs, drive the economy and break our addiction to oil once and for all.

Sandra Dukas

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