Solution to global warming: Shut yer trap |

Solution to global warming: Shut yer trap

Dear Editor:

What do armchair quarterbacks and back-seat drivers have in common? They are both very intelligent, in their own minds, and have all the answers if someone would just listen to their flapping gums.

The same is true in the political arena. Everybody knows that they can do a better job than “those idiots” in Washington. These political gum flappers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Some are so good at it that they have their own syndicated TV or radio shows, where they rant on a daily basis and get paid for doing it. Those who can’t gum flap enough write letters to the editor or have their own gum-flapping columns posted in the local paper.

I have an idea. If everyone in the world shut their traps for just one hour per day, we could each get one carbon credit. One carbon credit = one ton of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere in a year. I think this is the solution to climate change.

Jon Silver


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