Society collapsing without God |

Society collapsing without God

Dear Editor:

Everyone is eager to blame someone for the treatment of the prisoners in Iraq, but no one wants to admit what the real cause is. It is our culture.

These young Americans in Iraq are a product of our secular schools and colleges and our sex-crazed nation. Our schools and colleges have removed God and have put in secular religion. Now there’s neither right nor wrong, just do what feels good.

Sex is thrown at our young day and night due to the TV, the press, movies, the entertainment world, the ads in magazines, even at school. There is no way our young can get away from hearing and seeing sex continually. Homosexuals encouraged political correctness, now we really don’t have free speech. Our young can’t even be told how dangerous and fatal homosexuality can be, because it is politically incorrect to say it can cause AIDS and many diseases.

With secular religion, there is nothing wrong with filthy language, just go to any movie. Living together without marriage, having babies out of wedlock, killing babies as they are being born, two males or two females marrying – in other words, destroying family – it is all an accepted way of life.

Our culture allows women to be put over men, even in war. In Iraq, women were in charge of the male Muslim prisoners – disastrous. Why did they even allow pictures? Proud of what they were doing? It is disgusting and not the American way.

However, it is just as disgusting for the press, and the Democrats, to make it political, which is fuel for the terrorists, and it does not help the war at all. The press overlooks all the atrocities the terrorists have done to us over the years and are doing now. The press encourages secular religion, which divides this country, which in turn encourages Muslim terrorists

President Bush is trying to make our nation safer and is trying to turn us around, which has the secular believers screaming. Do we want our nation under God, where we can be proud to be Americans, where people are responsible and respectful, or do we want one that believes in self-centered, secular religion, with no guidelines, no morals … do whatever you want? It will be an interesting choice at the polls in November, which way the people want this country to go.

Ruth Brown Perry


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