So proud of social engineering |

So proud of social engineering

Dear Editor:

My name is Mike Haman. I stand 6-feet-1-inches tall, have blonde hair, blue eyes, and dress, act and look like a construction worker. I drive a white Dodge pickup truck, plate number 200-DBG, with a ladder rack on top.

You will find me working around the area as usual this holiday season. Of course I will take a few days off for Christmas and New Year’s, but other than that, thankfully, it is a regular business schedule.

A few years back the county came up with a rule that I could not work on my house on Sundays or holidays. Now the city has one-upped them with no work during the Christmas or Fourth of July festivals. Satisfying so many by their actions.

How proud I am to be placed at the forefront of these new social engineering programs by these prestigious bodies. To single out construction workers and work, not restaurant workers, or hotel workers, or retail store workers, or property management workers, or government workers and all you other workers is an honor.

To give us the privilege in leading the way is confidence-inspiring. Thank you so much for this gift, to be relived by me time after time, year after year, until I can finally become one of the smug, satisfied minority.

Michael Haman

Aspen Village

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