So much for peaceful |

So much for peaceful

Dear Editor:

On July 7, Shellie Roy published a letter in the Daily News about the merits of nuclear power. In it, she stated that, “The two letters talk of the half-life of plutonium as though it mattered. The truth is you can drink plutonium and suffer no ill health. Plutonium is dangerous when it is turned into a vapor and inhaled, a task that is fairly hard to accomplish or the Iranians would have already done it.”

I, too, believe that nuclear power should be considered in the mix, but that it should not be defended by nonsensical statements such as these ” the Iranians do not have a plutonium-producing reactor, and drinking the stuff is, to put it mildly, not advisable. If ingested, it produces 4.16 REM of radiation per milligram of plutonium. Forty five REM are enough to kill you.

I refrained from responding to this, but an equally fatuous column was published on Sept. 9 in the Times. This one was about changing things at City Hall. Here is a sample: “Council needs to cease its reactive mode and develop a big-picture perspective. Council needs to recognize that vital downtowns are not quite or tranquil. The council needs to stop trying to placate people who have chosen to reside in the core with all these absurd rules to give them ‘quiet and peaceful environ.’ If you want quiet go live in the country.”

When I moved into the core six years ago, we had a quiet and peaceful environ. It is now all but ruined because of people like Ms. Roy and her ilk. I have no idea where she lives, but perhaps she is the one who should “go live in the county.”

Jeremy Bernstein, Ph.D.