So much for free sod |

So much for free sod

Dear Editor:

When we heard the city of Aspen was giving away free sod from Iselin, being a new homeowner in Aspen, we were so excited to start on some great landscaping projects. We bought the dirt from the dump, spent hours getting our lawn ready for the sod and when the day finally came, we went there 45 minutes early to pick it up … only to find giant trucks and extremely long lines of every landscaping company in the valley and beyond. Some said they had come as early as 7 a.m.!

It’s just disappointing that Aspen taxpayers, like myself, were jousted out for commercial for-profit companies to get the “so called free sod” that now we are going to have to buy from some landscaping company.

Supposedly there was a maximum amount … this definitely wasn’t being regulated. It was a total joke how the city went about this! Being an Aspen resident and taxpayer, I would love to believe that we could have received priority over commercial companies who are making profit off this. We did get a very small amount of sod, after being so persistent and going there over five times. The man in charge was so rude, saying he was going to call the police.

Now, I’ve got a lawn full of dirt and mud, which is partially sodded (so thank you for giving us at least some), while giant trucks and trailers are full of sod to re-sell to us. Thanks for the free sod.

Vanessa and Karl Adam


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