So many ifs … |

So many ifs …

Dear Editor:There is a graceful, expansive and uplifting solution to our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines. One that will stop terrorism completely.If our soldiers were conditioned to fearlessly appreciate and respect those citizens. Turn their mission to risking their own health and progeny with the impossible job of cleaning up the nano-particulate uranium 238 poisoning the children and elders where we attack. If we open all the prisons that we’ve built there and release the thousands dragged from their homes by U.S. soldiers in midnight raids, incarcerated without due process, humiliated and tortured and apologized to them profusely. Pay them to train and form construction companies to rebuild the infrastructure we destroy and poison with uranium 238 nano-particles.If we open their courts to prosecute US for their losses. Reinstall the free education through university, free universal health care, full range of farm subsidies and enhancement programs, artist patronages and 25-cent-a-gallon gas that Iraqi enjoyed under Sadism Hussies after he’d nationalized their oil resources from Exxon and BP. If we stop hiring Shiites to police Sunni and Sunni to police Shiites. Tear down the walls to the green zone and turn complete control of them and their lands over to them.If we encourage them to copy the European Union Constitution with its adherence to Universal Human Rights and protections for provincial cultures and sign on to them ourselves. I think that then we can exit these wars to the greater benefit of mankind.John Hoffmann Carbondale