So many blessings |

So many blessings

Dear Editor:Thanksgiving is upon us and the one-year anniversary of my hospital discharge came and went in September. Kristen, Camille, Ava and I have counted our blessings over this past year and wish to thank all for their thoughts, prayers and generosity since my spinal cord injury on July 16, 2005.The support from every direction has been overwhelming and ongoing since that fateful day. The momentum and power of this support cannot be appreciated until you’re the recipient of such a force. To this day, people still call or stop to ask how we are doing and how recovery is coming along. There is such amazing strength and power in community. This is a remarkable gift to our family from the entire Roaring Fork Valley and the rugby community, which shows us the best in so many caring people.We wish you all peace and good health. Thank you, we have many blessings to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.John LassaletteAspen

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