So long, vitriol |

So long, vitriol

Dear Editor:

It looks as though Spock, Klingon, Animal Safety, ZG Machine, Girls For Justice, and We Deserve Better, all consistent and mostly negative participants in the Aspen Times online paper comments section, will have some free time, for a while at least.

It seems the Times is rethinking their comment feature in their online paper as this appeared Sunday morning.

Dear Readers,

We are working to make this feature of our website better meet the preferences and standards of our readers and our publication. In the interim, we are pausing commenting on our website. We continue to encourage emails and letters from you to our staff and editor.

I considered revealing who’s really who, but decided if it is so important to those involved to keep their identity a secret, I would not offer them up to public comment. Now that’s irony!

Now, the Times management has decided to rethink the feature section themselves – good for them!

Truthfully, I love the idea of an online opportunity to debate an issue. The problem is the feature section had become a holding place for vicious rhetoric. To me, the simple solution to the problem is that if you want to participate, you must sign your name.

I would also offer up a new title for the feature. Instead of comments, I’d replace the heading with “Community Debate.”

Actually, I hope the Daily New jumps on that idea and heading as it has become my paper of choice for the time being, no pun intended.

Finally, often quoted Leo Aikman said, “You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.” Certainly Mr. Aikman had not read The Aspen Times comments feature when he said this, but it is something to think about as we all move forward.

After all – don’t we deserve better?

Andrew Kole


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