Snowshoeing: Winter’s fastest growing sport |

Snowshoeing: Winter’s fastest growing sport

Outdoor Industries of America estimates that 5.4 million people tried snowshoeing in 2001. A SnowSports Industries America retail audit indicates that over 134,000 snowshoes were purchased in the U.S. in 2000-2001.Why are so many people trying it?- Snowshoeing is as simple as walking. First time snowshoers are experts after just a few minutes. Snowshoeing is social, great exercise and fun. – Families can enjoy snowshoeing together. In fact, 49% of snowshoers are women who enjoy outdoor recreation and winter fitness while spending quality time with friends and family. Snowshoeing is a great equalizer. From kids to grandparents, snowshoeing promotes physical fitness and family-oriented activities.- Modern snowshoes are lightweight, maintenance free and durable. Snowshoes work with the user’s winter footwear; no special shoes or boots are required.- Cost to entry is nominal as equipment is priced from $29-$399 and no special footwear or apparel is necessary. The average price for an all-around recreation model is $150- $175.- Accessibility is as close as the backyard, local park, nature center or local trail system.- Snowshoers experience nature’s winter in a quiet, pristine environment.-As a low-impact fitness workout, snowshoeing burns approximately 450-500 calories/hour, providing constant muscle motion and cardiovascular conditioning.