Snowmobiler caught, injured in avalanche on east side of Independence Pass

Staff report

A snowmobiler was injured this past week in an avalanche on the Lake County side of Independence Pass, according to a Colorado Avalanche Information Center report.

According to the CAIC, two snowmobilers were riding in the Mountain Boy Gultch, which is on the east side of the pass, on Tuesday and made several passes on a near-treeline slope. One of the men was then caught in an avalanche and injured.

“On one pass up the slope, Rider 1 triggered and was caught in a slab avalanche,” the CAIC accident summary states. “The slide carried him through a stand of trees and he sustained injuries requiring medical care.”

The second rider was able to stabilize the injured man and rode to the trailhead and then drove east to call for help, according to the report.

“He and an additional companion returned to help Rider 1. Flight for Life and Lake County Search and Rescue responded and Rider 1 was evacuated to a hospital,” the report states.

The man’s hometown and condition were not available Saturday.