Snowmass history: Santa Flies south for race |

Snowmass history: Santa Flies south for race

In the first ever "Miniboom" held during the 15th annual Silver Boom Nordic race in mid-December 1986, Santa Claus made a special trip from the North Pole just to help racers between the ages of 3 and 8. He previewed the half-kilometer track race course to make sure it was kid worthy, then stayed for the ceremonies to hand out awards. The racers who participated in the inaugural race included: "Yuri, Cody, Travis, Hanna, Leif, Sam, Addie and Jessie, all promising young racers, to be sure," reported The Aspen Times. Santa must have enjoyed himself immensely because it was reported that he stuck around for a few more events that year, including leading a Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade down Fanny Hill before he shot off to deliver presents! Photograph taken by Frank Martin.

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