Snowmass water official resigns over fluoride vote

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun

A Snowmass water board member who has fought to stop fluoridation of the district’s public water resigned Monday in response to a pro-fluoride vote taken last week.

After close to eight years of service, David Dawson submitted a letter of resignation Monday, citing discomfort retaining his seat in light of the board’s decision to resume fluoridation in the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District.

“I am sad to say that as much as I was connected to and fondly affiliated with the Snowmass District Water Board, I must disassociate myself in protest and in my discomfort — and hope that they can establish a positive outcome in the pursuit of the goals and projects which will affect our community for years to come,” Dawson wrote in his letter.

Dawson was one of three board members who voted to stop fluoridation in July and maintained his position in the vote Oct. 21, as did his colleague Willard Humphrey. Board member Michael Shore changed his position after 64 percent of respondents to a mail-in survey said they supported adding fluoride to the district’s water.

“I see a difference between the way the board members saw the issue and the way they voted,” Dawson said.

Board President Joe Farrell declined to comment on Dawson’s resignation, only saying the board would have to discuss it and that he didn’t know what the process for filling Dawson’s seat would be. Dawson’s term would have ended in the spring.

The water board voted 3-2 Oct. 21 to resume adding fluoride at the federally recommended level, reversing a decision it made in July to discontinue the practice. District employees began adding fluoride to the public water system again that day.


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