Snowmass Village’s new assistant town manager settling into the role |

Snowmass Village’s new assistant town manager settling into the role

Greg LeBlanc joins town roster after five years in Grand Junction

Greg LeBlanc is Snowmass Village's new assistant town manager.
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Snowmass Village’s new Assistant Town Manager Greg LeBlanc still hasn’t quite gotten over “the sheer awe of the landscape” — and, in turn, occasionally has a bit of trouble getting over his own two feet, he said.

“I will admit to you that I have tripped three times walking around town. … I keep looking up at the mountain,” LeBlanc said in a phone interview last Wednesday during his first week on the job. (He started March 28.)

Barely 48 hours into the new gig, he said it had already felt like a week had gone by as he immersed himself in the municipal work and getting the lay of the land.

“As they say, it’s like drinking from a firehose and I’m just glad it’s a proverbial firehose and not a real one. … I’m really excited to dive into it all,” LeBlanc said. He fills the role previously held by Travis Elliott, who is now the town manager in Parachute.

LeBlanc joins the town of Snowmass Village from the city of Grand Junction, where worked for five years, first as assistant to the town manager and then senior assistant to the town manager. He’ll be mostly working remote from Grand Junction for the first two months on the job while he waits on some housing, he said.

His new role, “dropping the ‘to the’ and the ‘senior,’” made sense as the “next step” and “just felt right” he said, and the opening here in Snowmass had “good timing.” He also was drawn to the area’s amenities and said he has “a lot of respect” for Town Manager Clint Kinney, who he knew through the professional network of city and town managers.

Prior to his municipal work, LeBlanc studied environmental biology at Fort Lewis College and worked in the field; over time, he became more interested in the policy side of the work, he said.

Some time spent working outside in the summer heat of the Four Corners region also “makes you really want to pursue a career that has air conditioning,” he joked. He received a Master of Public Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2015.

“I’ve got a family history of public servants, and so I think I was doomed from the beginning, honestly,” he quipped.

As he settles into the new role and new town, LeBlanc said he’s looking forward to exploring Snowmass Village’s outdoor recreation options and preparing to dive into the many initiatives currently in progress and in the works at Town Hall and beyond.

“As far as the town goes, we’ve got a lot of projects and my predecessor was well-liked and had a lot going on, so once I figure out and learn more about what magic he was working on, I hopefully can carry the torch well,” LeBlanc said.