Snowmass Village resident arrested after multiple vehicle trespasses over more than year

Security footage helped identify subject who entered unlocked cars, removed property

Snowmass Village police arrested a local woman Tuesday night on charges related to multiple offenses of vehicle trespassing and theft that span more than a year, Snowmass Village Police Chief Brian Olson confirmed Wednesday.

June Gordon, a 53-year-old Snowmass Village resident, faces charges of 15 counts of Class 5 felony criminal trespass and 26 counts of Class 6 felony attempted criminal trespass, as well as charges of Class 5 felony theft and petty theft, according to a statement of fact and arrest warrant filed April 20. Her bond is set at $2,500.

Police say Gordon repeatedly entered and attempted to enter vehicles parked near Town Park on Brush Creek Road and vehicles parked on Upper Woodbridge Road, according to reports of several incidents dating back to Jan. 13, 2020. She pulled up to the sites and exited her vehicle — sometimes with the lights on and the doors still open — and “rifled through unlocked cars parked nearby,” Olson wrote in a report.

Police recovered property from several of the vehicles when they executed a search warrant on April 16 of this year; the value of all stolen property combined totals more than $5,000.

“Lock your doors for the occasional bad guy and bears,” Olson said in an interview. “There’s just no reason to leave doors unlocked — it makes it too easy.”

Officers linked Gordon to the crimes by comparing security footage of the subject and the vehicles she drove to the sites of several offenses with vehicle records and other security footage.

Snowmass Village Police executed a search warrant at Gordon’s residence on April 16 and found property from Oct. 15, Oct. 21, Feb. 4 and April 10 vehicle trespassing incidents at her residence.

In Gordon’s red Jeep, officers say they found a silver Victrola watch engraved with the victim’s initials from the Oct. 15 incident. They did not find any property from the vehicle trespasses in Gordon’s new gray SUV that matched the security footage from the April 10 incident but did find a box containing about $37 worth of cosmetics that was addressed to a tenant living in the downstairs apartment of Gordon’s residence, police said.

Gordon was also arrested in 2017 after she stole thousands of dollars from a parked car, then attempted to pay it back. Gordon pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft for that case. District Judge Chris Seldin sentenced Gordon to probation for that case; Gordon also had to complete 40 hours of community service and pay $900 in restitution.


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