Snowmass Village beating |

Snowmass Village beating

Dear Editor:Who would have ever thought that in a small community such as Snowmass Village, on an evening filled with great music and festivities, that an unaccompanied young adult could be beaten almost to death on his way to the bus stop? This tragic event did in fact happen last Thursday, July 27, in the Snowmass Village Mall after the concert on Fanny Hill.My friend was jumped and beaten unconscious by three or more individuals. They crushed several bones in his face and it is undetermined yet as to whether he will ever regain feeling in his jaw. He must endure extensive facial reconstructive surgery as well as live with the fact that two, possibly three of his assailants are still at large for this heinous crime.I would like to call on any witnesses that may have seen any or all of what took place between the hours of 10:30 and midnight that evening between Incline Sports and the RFTA bus stop.PLEASE, if you saw anything that happened, whether it’s a description of the attackers or how many times they kicked my friend after he had fallen unconscious to the ground, report it NOW to the Snowmass Village Police Department! Whether you are a local or a tourist to our fine community, please come forward with any information that may lead to the arrest of these individuals. In this small community, we must take a stand against unprovoked violence and hatred to insure the safety of our citizens and guests. Please see that justice is served by notifying the authorities of what you saw that night. It’s not too late to do the right thing.Emily MarshallSnowmass Village