Snowmass Town Council reviews, approves architectural plans for Viceroy Phase II |

Snowmass Town Council reviews, approves architectural plans for Viceroy Phase II

Annex to existing hotel has long been part of the Base Village plan

A rendering of the entrance to Phase II of the Viceroy condo-hotel development near Snowmass Base Village.
4240 Architecture/Courtesy image

Developers are setting the wheels in motion again for Phase II of the Viceroy hotel, more than a decade after Phase I opened near Snowmass Base Village in 2009.

Snowmass Village Mayor Bill Madsen, Councilwoman Alyssa Shenk and Councilman Tom Fridstein reviewed and approved the final architectural plans for the building with some amendments at an April 18 meeting. Councilmen Bob Sirkus and Tom Goode were absent.

The plans propose nearly 50 units in a six-level annex built on top of a platform located just uphill of the existing Viceroy building, according to a presentation by Andy Gunion, the Snowmass managing partner for developer East West Partners. That platform is already built but “has been effectively abandoned since 2009,” Gunion said.

The project plans have endured several iterations since Phase II got shelved more than a decade ago. It was originally set to be a condo-hotel with residential units that could be purchased and rented out; developers got a building permit for about 50 residential units in 2014 but never started construction.

An amendment in 2020 allowed for the possibility of a commercial hotel instead of a residential one, but developers scrapped that idea after the pandemic hit, Gunion said.

“I think the council and Planning Commission have probably seen this particular building come through more than any other building in Base Village in all these different iterations,” Gunion said.

“The original plan was basically where we’re back to now,” he said. The firm 4240 Architecture designed the current plans.

The design features 48 deeded units that will be available to purchase, including two studios, 22 units with two bedrooms, 18 units with three bedrooms, four units with three bedrooms and a “flex” den and two penthouse units with four bedrooms each.

Nine of the two-bedroom units and 18 of the three-bedroom units have “lock-off” rooms that could be rented separately; if all of the lock-offs are in use, the building could rent to as many as 75 guest groups at once.

Parking in the Viceroy garage is allocated based on deeded unit, not based on lock-off rooms; the total parking requirement for the new building is 47 spaces in addition to the 152 required for the existing Viceroy Building, bringing the overall requirement to 199 spaces. The current operating plan has 204 spaces in the garage, plus five surface spaces.

Viceroy guests cannot park in the permit-required numbered lots on Carriage Way nor in Base Village Garage spaces designated for residents of other Base Village buildings.

The building plans also include three employee housing units — a five-bedroom, a four-bedroom and a two-bedroom — that together cover nearly 6,000 square feet of space.

The employee units have full kitchens and shared living spaces but are designed to be more like dorm-style living with two beds in all but one of the bedrooms to house a total of 21 staffers. Based on the design, the spaces would likely be occupied by seasonal workers. The plans allot six designated parking spaces for residents of the employee units, plus three additional “flex” spaces that could be used as needed and one designated space for an employee car share program.

An annex to the existing Viceroy was always part of the plan to support the costs of existing amenities and services like the pool, restaurants and ski valet, Gunion said.

“Phase II has always been needed for this property to be economically sustainable for the long term, because it depends upon additional rooms to cover all the fixed costs of the operation,” Gunion said.

The fitness room will move to the new building, builders will add an additional spa pool and the structure will include an additional boot room for the ski valet, but by and large, the people who stay in the Phase II building will utilize the amenities from Phase I. Plans include an interior corridor connection to the Phase I building.

That also means that many employees from the existing building will also service the new one; as a result, the project won’t have a need for as many new hires as a new standalone hotel would, Gunion said.

Review of the plans for Viceroy Phase II is the latest step toward completion for Snowmass Base Village. Council has already given the thumbs up to designs for the condo buildings Electric Pass Lodge (Building 11), which is now under construction, and Aura (Building 12), which hasn’t been built yet.

Following review of Viceroy Phase II (also referenced as Building 13B), the town will take a look at plans for Building 10AB. That final structure “will complete the Snowmass Base Village PUD (Planned Unit Development),” town senior planner Brian McNellis said.