Snowmass Town Council adopts 2023 budget |

Snowmass Town Council adopts 2023 budget

The Snowmass Village Town Council approved a 2023 budget this week bullish on revenue even with a possible economic downturn looming. The vote Wednesday was unanimous.

The 2023 budget shows the town will generate around $77.8 million in revenues and $89.3 million in expenditures. Of the expenditures, $53 million are from capital projects, purchases, and repairs, according to the Oct. 3 budget message from Town Manager Clint Kinney.

2023 budgeted revenues are about 15% higher than 2022, where budgeted revenues were $67.4 million. Expenditures are increasing by about 2% from 2022’s $87.6 million.

According to Kinney, expenditures are higher than revenues because of “significant one time capital investments that are being paid with available fund balance.”

The jump in revenues is due to increases in sales tax, interest income, and transfers from other funds. Additionally, the town is projected to end the year with an additional $2.9 million in revenue over the 2022 budget, Kinney wrote in the budget message.

In 2021, Town Council set goals and adopted areas of focus for expenditures and the the 2023 budget aims to continue to work towards. Some areas of focus include affordable workforce housing, community engagement, public spaces and facilities, safety, connectivity and transit, environmental activism and resiliency, and regionalism.

The 2023 budget also includes five new positions added to town staff in community development, housing, parks, recreation and trails, public works, and finance. Town Council noted their commitment to recruiting and retaining high-quality staff by maintaining benefits and budgeting for salary increases.

In comments from Financial Advisory Board Chair Phil Sirianni at the Oct. 3 Town Council Meeting, it was noted that revenue assumptions are conservative, and the budget loses financial flexibility with the addition of town staff because it adds fixed costs to the budget.

Other critical expenditures include continuation of the Town Park project, renovation of Mountain View 1 workforce housing project, construction of the Mall Transit Station, the major culvert repair on Brush Creek Road at the Owl Creek Intersection, and the continued design and planning of facility improvements for the Little Red Schoolhouse early childhood learning facility. 

“This budget was developed to help deliver on the goals of the Council adopted in February 2021 and ensure the Town remains a fun, community-focused, family-friendly village,” Kinney wrote in the budget message.