Snowmass rebrands with new logo, campaign |

Snowmass rebrands with new logo, campaign

Focus is on magnifying experiences in wide-open spaces

The new Snowmass logo overlaid on a photo of Mt. Daly and the town of Snowmass Village.
Snowmass Tourism/Courtesy photo

Snowmass Tourism has launched a new brand platform meant to represent the “personality traits” of the destination as a place that is “welcoming, spacious, effortlessly open and playful,” Tourism Director Rose Abello said in a joint interview with Marketing Director Virginia McNellis.

The new logo for the destination debuted March 31 and a marketing campaign launched April 4 after months of development.

“We have said through this whole process that this is an evolution, not a revolution. … We’re not looking to redefine ourselves. We just want to express it better,” McNellis said.

The new logo features the word “Snowmass” with a diagonal stripe between the M and W letters meant to resemble the stripe on Mount Daly. (Abello and McNellis said the diagonal is meant to be a wink to those familiar with the mountain’s distinct feature without alienating those who haven’t seen the stripe.)

It replaces a previous design that included the word “Snowmass” and a symbol that set the previous version of the Aspen Skiing Co. leaf inside of a diamond shape.

The leaf-in-diamond shape was designed to be adopted by lots of different users and has already been phased out elsewhere, Abello said. Skico revamped its branding last year with a simplified, symmetrical aspen leaf.

The town sent out a request for proposals last summer and work began in earnest in October, according to Abello and McNellis. Town officials first started thinking about a refresh a couple of years ago but chose to hit pause while there were other factors at play such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Skico rebranding.

The development process cost about $120,000, according to Abello and McNellis; it involved surveys and focus groups, data analysis and creative and design work.

The logo will pop up on the Fanny Hill summer concert stage, event fencing, some merch and hanging lamp post banners around town, according to Abello.

Mostly, though, it will be used for outreach to audiences outside of town limits with marketing targeted toward “destination visitors,” McNellis said.

Though Snowmass Tourism took the reins on the development process, the final product is meant to represent the brand of Snowmass Village and the community as a whole, not the tourism department, Abello said.

“We kind of use the Snowmass logo to talk about our resort community, and we really balance that resort in the community, right?” Abello said.

Also part of the rebranding is a new marketing campaign, “Magnify,” that’s focused on “zooming out on wide-open spaces and and then zooming in (on) the small moments of emotion” in those spaces, McNellis said. It follows a three-year campaign that encouraged people to “find your outside side.” The new campaign launched Monday.

“The idea behind ‘Magnify’ is that there is this sense of wide open spaces … the views and really the grandness of peaks around you and that being in that wide space provides perspective and it really magnifies those joys of being in nature and those joys of being with the people that you love doing the things that you love,” McNellis said.