Snowmass parking woes |

Snowmass parking woes

Dear Editor:

This past Sunday we drove into the Two Creeks parking lot adjacent to the chairlift at 11:55 am. We are well aware that parking is free in this, as well as other ski company lots after noon. We were parked next to a yellow Volkswagen convertible and started chatting with the occupants.

We were parked in the lot, and in our cars, putting on our ski boots and waiting until noon to leave the lot to go skiing. Then we were approached by a Snowmass policeman with his German shepherd, and told that we were not permitted to park our cars, even if we were with or in them until the clock strikes noon! I asked this officer if he was requiring us to drive our cars out of the lot for only a few minutes. He replied “yes.” We had to vacate the lot if we did not want to receive parking tickets. Several of us then drove out of the lot, either idled on the side of the street, or drove around for less than two minutes to drive back into the lot as the clock struck noon. I had checked to make sure that I had accurate, to the minute time information on my cell phone. The officer also left the lot at the strike of noon. Way to go, officer! Enforce the letter of the law whether or not it makes common sense or regardless of the message it sends!

Upon returning from skiing, former judge Bob Grueter had a parking ticket on his car with a time stamp of 11:57 am. He did not arrive at the lot until just after noon. Judge Grueter, just prior to entering the lot, stopped his car outside the ski shop to pick up his skis that had been waxed overnight for him. He observed the attendant from the Two Creeks parking lots’ booth walking towards the Two Creeks’ building with the morning’s parking receipts.

Think of the message this sends to our visitors whose dollars support all of us should they encounter this treatment by the Snowmass police. We never treated locals or our guests this way in years past. As a local for more than 50 years, this lack of hospitality and common sense displayed by this officer is appalling.

The Snowmass police should make a public apology for the actions of that officer to those still with their cars at Two Creeks last Sunday who were told to leave the lot and drive aimlessly around for less than three minutes.

Peter Greene


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