Snowmass needs a pulse |

Snowmass needs a pulse

I bet that half of the folks in “The Village” don’t really know much about Base Village. I know it is new and desperately needed, but otherwise, I don’t know much about it.

I do, however, know things about the snowboard industry. I know that no one in my industry cares about Snowmass. I know that, although we have one of the best terrain parks in the country, no one knows it.

I know that we buy the X Games in order to get people to notice our spot, but when the X Games are over and the cameras are gone, what will keep people noticing us? The old-school, beat-down buildings, lack of parking and dismal mountain setup? I don’t think so.

I know that we have to force snowboard industry folks to come here, to even look this way. While flocks of riders move to Utah and California resorts, Snowmass remains a relatively unknown, untapped and unrecognized area.

The problem with Snowmass is that there is nothing to do. What do kids do? Do they just “hang” in the condo? Take the bus to Tube Town? Come on! Snowmass has no pulse.

Why beat up its best chance to be what it should be: the best riding mountain in Colorado, a cool place for kids to hang without having to take the bus to sit outside Paradise and eat a cookie?

I trust the elected officials to find a way for us to grow and keep our jobs. Base Village is the best answer.

Vote “no” on Initiative Ordinance No. 2. If you don’t vote, you don’t count. Sorry.

Michael Young

Snowmass Village


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