Snowmass is forever tarnished

Dear Editor:Over Christmas, I was able to enjoy three remarkable days of snowboarding at Snowmass and Highlands, all accompanied by 7 to 12 inches of powder.Aside from the great conditions was the not-so-great fact that I was riding on a mountain transformed for the worse. Since it was so crowded during the holidays, I felt extremely bitter when I realized I was going to have to wait in line at the bottom of the new and improved six-pack at Snowmass. Since Wood Run had been ripped out, I couldn’t ride my favorite alternate lift. It took me an extra 25 minutes to get to the goods of the Wall. Not to mention having to avoid the mass amounts of yahoos snowplowing off the Sam’s Knob lift (total mass appeal).Sure the vertical footage is increased, but that doesn’t help when more Texans are getting in your way and basically annoying the hell out of you. You see, I grew up in the valley and saw this place explode with one ridiculous golf course after another. I’ve opposed development for as long as I can remember. I frequently reminisce about how Snowmass was last year when there wasn’t a jillion people in my line.Base City has and will forever tarnish Snowmass, but that’s just me. Those times have come and gone, as I have. A lift ticket at my new mountain in Montana only costs $34. Even though I wish I could still be living at Snowmass, braving the development and enjoying the ski season, I can’t. At least there aren’t any Texans in my lines up here.Jared AveryMissoula, Mont.


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