Snowmass History: Snowmass to face identity crisis at Beaver Creek Retreat

One b/w photograph of the Snowmass-at-Aspen logo.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

In the fall of 1991, The Aspen Daily News headlined a story “Snowmass To Face Identity Crisis At Beaver Creek Retreat” and went on to report “the young resort, born in the shadow of her brash older sister Aspen, has never been entirely secure about its identity… To this day, portions of the resort are still marketed using the original ‘Snowmass-at-Aspen’ name and the town of Snowmass Village is embarking on several projects to bolster the community’s visibility. ‘Snowmass is still struggling with their identity. They really do need to sit down and decide who they are and what segment of the market they are going to be in.’ said Jerry Jones, a ski area consultant who has been in leadership positions at Snowmass, Vail, Beaver Creek and Keystone. The marketing entity for the town, the Snowmass Resort Association, has recognized the problem and put together the retreat along with the Snowmass Village Business Association, which represents the merchants on the Snowmass Mall.”

Another request the Village put to Pitkin Conty was to change the name of Brush Creek Road to Snowmass Village Road. “The council also is working to put up a new sign at the entrance to town at the rodeo grounds, by the beginning of this winter. The sign will simply say ‘Snowmass.'”