Snowmass history: Sizzling service at Sam’s Knob |

Snowmass history: Sizzling service at Sam’s Knob

Skiers at Snowmass, with a sign in the foreground that reads "Big Burn Trails" and "Sam's Knob Trails," pointing to opposite directions.
Joan Lane/Aspen Historical Society

“Service at Sam’s … a breeze and a pleasure,” the Snowmass Villager wrote on Feb. 27, 1969. “Nine-thirty a.m., bacon sizzling on the grill, the cook cheerfully frying eggs over-easy, cut grapefruit, steaming coffee, fresh orange juice: perfectly ordinary restaurant events except that the manager and his wife (the Wirths) arrived at 7 a.m. in a snow-cat; the customers have to don skis to get there and the place is perched on a mountain called Sam’s Knob, 10,000 feet up.”

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