Snowmass history: Prowling for powder |

Snowmass history: Prowling for powder

Aspen Historical Society
Owl Creek Road near Snowmass, circa 1963. Mt. Daly is visible in the background. This image was published in the Aspen Flyer on Feb. 14, 1963.
Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Flyer Collection

The Aspen Flyer announced on Feb. 14, 1963, “Ten-passenger sno-cats will resume hauling powder skiers Friday to the new Snowmass touring area eight miles west of Aspen. This view was taken at the entrance to Owl Creek. The Snowmass area is on the left. Not shown are the acres of open slope at the top of the mountain, which has a 4000-ft. vertical drop. That’s majestic Mt. Daly in the center of the picture.”

The Sno-cat service was a precursor to Snowmass-at-Aspen opening just four years later with regular tours on the Big Burn and lunch at the wine cabin, which was located at the saddle between Big Burn and Sam’s Knob.