Snowmass history: Let us entertain you |

Snowmass history: Let us entertain you

Aspen Historical Society
Image of performers Maureen Gauba, Sarah Saltus, Steve Stapenhorst, and Jim Dorr for the Max Dinner Theater at the Timber Mill Inn at Snowmass Village, 1972.
Aspen Historical Society/Aspen Times Collection

“One of the area’s best entertainment offerings, Max Dinner Theater, takes place Monday through Friday evenings at the Timber Mill Inn at Snowmass Resort,” reported The Aspen Times on Jan. 11, 1973.  “The Timber Mill Inn serves dinner at 8:30 PM, and the Max repertory group follows with the evening performance at 9:30 PM.” The article goes onto say, “We were entranced the other night by ‘I Do, I Do,’ the musical comedy portraying the marriage of a couple named Agnes and Michael … Sarah Saltus, 23, creates an appealing Agnes and sings nicely. At one point during the marriage, the couple decides to break up, and Agnes, accused of a pale complexion and personality, pulls from the trunk a wide velvet hat she’s been saving for just such an occasion. She decides to become red hot and belts out ‘Flaming Agnes,’ a tour de force during the show.” Saltus met Gibby Brand at Martha’s Vineyard bringing her out after he founded Max Theater in 1972.


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