Snowmass going to pot |

Snowmass going to pot

Dear Editor:

Oh, my gosh, what a “progressive” town councilman we have in Reed Lewis to propose the decriminalization of the “evil weed” in Snowmass Village. It was also clear to this admittedly “straight” citizen that our mayor is also quite “progressive,” as he was very quick to inquire as to how many names it would take on a petition to get the ball rolling and get on a referendum.

May I suggest that if the council wishes to give this the best possible chance of passage that they arrange to have the vote take place in either January or February of next year, similar to what the Aspen Skiing Co. did for the Base Village vote. As Mr. Lewis said, it would certainly be a good idea to get this passed while we have law enforcement in place that has drug enforcement at the bottom of its priority list. This must be accurate, as according to a recent newspaper article, Snowmass Village has not had a drug bust since 1995 and the only reason for that was that a visitor had the audacity to complain to an officer of an individual smoking pot in a public place, which pretty much obligated the officer to cite the individual.

I am sure this must have caused much “aghasting” among our good citizens. Who knows, our next police chief might (again “aghast”) actually choose to uphold the laws whether he agrees with them or not. This “progressiveness” does appear to pose a quandary, though, as to how to be able to come into the possession of the “weed” when it is illegal to grow or possess it (other than through our newly minted – 12 so far in our little valley – medical/recreational marijuana dispensaries. Let’s cut this thin veil of deception and call these new and very lucrative business for what they really are).

This minor detail, I am sure, can be “swept under the rug.” The thought of setting a very bad precedent for our youth of our community or the image of Snowmass being a family-resort destination is of less importance than making pot legally acceptable in our community and dissuading any form of law enforcement from meddling in our personal pastime. This, also as eluded to by Mr. Lewis and implied by the Snowmass Sun, would be a good and timely move toward keeping those pesky forestry officers from “sneaking” onto Skico and the Village’s mountain without prior notification and (once again, “aghast”) accosting our citizens and/or guests while indulging themselves in a little dube time.

I may be in the minority, but I take offense at individuals who choose to flaunt the law by lighting up a dube standing in the lift line or on the chair in front of me while riding up the mountain. My vote is with the Forest Service.

Tom Catlin

Snowmass Village

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