Snowmass council wraps up business for ’22 |

Snowmass council wraps up business for ’22

Snowmass Village elected officials approved some housekeeping items at their final meeting of the year Monday.

The Town Council unanimously adopted an amendment to the municipal sales tax code for the purposes of the new short-term rental (STR) regulations that take effect May 1. The amendment puts the “joint and severable responsibility” of collecting lodging and sales taxes on the actual owner and operator of the STR unit, who in turn remits them to the town. The amended sales tax code means that so-called STR marketplace facilitators, such as VRBO and Airbnb, won’t be required to collect and pay the taxes to the town.

On Nov. 9, the Town Council passed regulations that require a STR permit for property owners who rent out their units for no more than 30 straight days at a time. The town will being accepting STR-permit applications in early 2023 through a portal on its website.

Four types of annual STR permits will be available:

— Type 1 permits are for hotels, which include Limelight, Viewline, and Wildwood in Snowmass. Under this arrangement, hotels must have a single STR permit for the entire hotel. Hotel management also must be available around-the-clock. The permit cost is $300 per hotel (not per unit), and an $85 business license for is required.

— Type 2 permits are for multi-family properties or condominium hotels with central management such as Crestwood, Timberline, Stonebridge, and Viceroy. An owner-rep also must be regularly available and be able to respond to all calls within 60 minutes. Cost is $300 per STR unit, and an $85 business license is required of each unit’s parent company.

— Type 3 permits are for multi-family properties like Seasons 4 and Woodbridge. With a type 3 permit, owners of four-bedroom units are restricted to two guests per bedroom, plus four guests overall. Units with three or fewer bedrooms are allowed a maximum occupancy of two guests per bedroom, plus two. Children under 5 years old won’t be considered guests under this formula. An owner-rep also must be regularly available and be able to respond to all calls within 60 minutes. Cost is $300 per STR unit, and an $85 business license is required of each owner/property manager.

— Type 4 permits are designated for single-family homes and duplexes, which follow the same guidelines as the type 3 permits. Cost is also the same.

The portal to apply for a Short-term Rental permit will be available in early 2023. The portal will be accessible on this webpage once available. 

In other Town Council business:

— Snowmass Village customers not paying their municipal solid waste bills will continue to see the outstanding amount tacked to their annual Pitkin County property tax bills, according to a resolution the Town Council adopted. “When residents or other users of the municipal solid waste service do not pay their required fees for the service, the law allows of delinquent bills to be placed on the owner’s property tax bill as a method of collection. This method of past due bill collection has proved to be effective and efficient,” according to Town Council documents.

— The Town Council officially named member Alyssa Shenk as the mayor pro tem of Snowmass Village. Mayor Bill Madsen originally nominated Shenk for the position at the council’s Dec. 5 meeting. Shenk was appointed council member in 2014 to fill a board vacancy left by mayor-elect Markey Butler. Shenk was elected to the board in 2016 and re-elected in 2020. She is in the middle of her second full four-year term as council member.

Alyssa Shenk
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— The Town Council will use $175,000 through the 2023 budget to award local organizations through the community grant process using the same criteria for recipients established in 2021: “Health and Human service agencies that provides a continuum of health care services including prevention, intervention, treatment, education and outreach programs regardless of the client’s ability to pay; and/or a nonprofit organization that addresses significant problems such as, but not limited to, the natural environment, sustainability, health or welfare of our community and seeks to enrich the quality of life for residents of Snowmass Village.” The 2023 amount in grants is an increase from $125,000 available in 2022.


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