Snowmass council shifts new town hall away from entrance |

Snowmass council shifts new town hall away from entrance

Steve Benson

The entrance to Snowmass Village is no longer considered the prime location for the new town hall, agreed the Town Council following a presentation Monday by the Snowmass economic resources director.

The Draw property, which is located just up Brush Creek Road from the current town hall, is a better site, Carey Shanks told the Town Council yesterday.

Affordable housing will also be included in the plans.

The Point property, which is adjacent to the Draw, may also be included in the plans. The town currently owns the Draw property, while the Aspen Skiing Co. owns the Point. A land trade, however, could be possible.

The town owns a lot across Brush Creek Road that the Skico would like to acquire if Base Village is approved, Shanks said.

The plans for the entrance – located near the Rodeo Lot – are detailed in the entryway master plan. The town plans to revamp the site to possibly include a welcome center, an assortment of ball fields, some housing, open space and a nature center. The area would be designed with a Western theme of less is more, Shanks added.

“If we put town hall there we’re going to have to have some sort of commercial service,” Shanks told the Town Council. “That’s not less is more.”

Shanks said residents who live adjacent to the entrance also feel a town hall would be inappropriate there.

“They said, ‘Why would you put a town hall down there? It doesn’t belong here, it belongs in the town core,'” Shanks said following the meeting.

Furthermore, building town hall on the Draw property (or both the Draw and Point sites) would allow builders to use the natural surroundings to create a green design.

“I’m working right now to bring someone on to build a LEED certified building that will at a minimum be a silver [rating],” Shanks said. “The Draw helps me do that.”

At the Town Council’s request, Shanks and the town staff will move forward in developing integrated designs of both the Draw property alone, and the Draw and Point properties together.

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