Snowmass council invents crisis |

Snowmass council invents crisis

Each of the past three days has brought great skiing and other experiences. Late in the day, it was a squeeze past bodies to get to the bar at the Cirque Cafe. With a band there and a blues concert on the mall, the whole place was humming.

Then I found a line of nine cars waiting to get from Owl Creek Road onto Brush Creek. The next night, at a leading restaurant on the mall, there were three empty tables out of 22. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Now what problem was the enormity of the real estate development at Base Village supposed to solve? Our Town Council, in one of their creative moods, invented a fiscal and competitive crisis. It is obvious our customers did not hear of it.

The Town Council is so good at finding non-problems, clearly they are the ones to find those elusive weapons of mass destruction.

See a color photo simulation of Base Village as proposed ” visit the Web site

Jim Heywood

Snowmass Village