Snowmass chooses new marketing board |

Snowmass chooses new marketing board

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Snowmass Village has a new marketing board with a $2.5 million budget.

And it is outside the control of the Snowmass Village Resort Association.

Last night, Bob Purvis and Peter D. Moore were chosen for the at-large seats by the Snowmass Town Council. Reed Lewis, Kyle Sharp and Mary Harris were chosen to represent the food and beverage, retail, and lodging sectors.

The Snowmass Village marketing board is expected to spend $2.5 million a year on resort marketing and special events with the help of an advisory board. The Town Council must approve the marketing board’s budget.

Since the inception of the resort in 1967-?68, marketing has been handled by the Snowmass Resort Association. It had taxing ability over the mall area on retail, restaurant and lodging sales.

But some business operators complained through the years that SRA didn’t spend enough of the money it collected on marketing, and that what it did spend was misdirected.

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This summer, members of the Snowmass Village Town Council convinced the SVRA board to endorse the townwide sales tax and to agree to stop levying an assessment on retail and restaurant sales in its district for at least five years.

On election day, voters approved the marketing sales tax and the formation of the board, which called for the retail, food and beverage, and lodging sectors in Snowmass to each nominate one candidate.

Candidates had to be residents of Snowmass Village and the council was bound to approve the candidate put forth by each sector, although the council did have a “black ball” it could use if it felt it was necessary.

The Snowmass Village Merchants Association nominated, and the council accepted, Lewis, the owner of Village Liquors of Snowmass, to represent the retail sector.

The Snowmass Lodging Association nominated, and the council accepted, Harris, general manager of the Mountain Chalet, to represent the lodging sector.

There is a nascent food and beverage association in Snowmass, and the 14 operators involved gave their support to Sharp, the general manager of the Tower Restaurant.

However, Becky Dombrowski, the general manager of the Snowmass Club, which is owned by the Aspen Skiing Co., also applied for the food and beverage seat.

This meant the council had to choose between the two. They went with Sharp, although they agreed to consider Dombrowski in the at-large category.

Then the council members voted for the at-large representatives.

They chose Purvis, who is a former town councilman, the retired manager of global brand strategy for British Petroleum, and the architect of the town’s marketing sales tax and board.

And they chose Moore, who is a Fortune 500 business consultant and a former executive with the New York Stock Exchange.

Before the board voted, Snowmass Village Mayor T. Michael Manchester disclosed that Moore had been a client of his architectural firm. Moore first visited Snowmass Village in 1995 and moved in two months ago to his new home full time.

Other applicants for the at-large seat included Jeremy Swanson, the communications director at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center; Kristin Everhart, the special events director at the Snowmass Club; Pike Peterson, a retired paper company executive; Rick Griffin, the manager of the Snowmass Real Estate Co.; Mary Evans, the international sales director for the Skico; and John Quigley, the senior vice president of sales and marketing at the Silvertree Hotel, Wildwood Lodge and Village Property Management Condominiums.

The new marketing board is expected to soon meet with the council, although a date was not set at Monday’s meeting.

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