Snowmass cheese incident lands man in jail |

Snowmass cheese incident lands man in jail

SNOWMASS VILLAGE – A part-time caddy is in jail for allegedly having a meltdown over some cheese in Snowmass Village.

Jon Douglas Williams, 58, was arrested Monday on suspicion of wielding a knife on a 20-year-old caddy roommate, police said.

According to a statement of facts prepared by arresting Snowmass Village officer Brady Jax, Williams brandished a buck knife, with a 5-inch blade, on his roommate Friday because of a dispute over some cheese kept in the refrigerator.

The alleged incident came the day after the roommate returned home from work and spotted Williams sitting on the couch eating the dairy product in question – cheese he believed was his. The roommate then encountered Williams about the cheese before realizing his suspicions were off-base, Jax wrote.

The next day, the roommate opened the refrigerator and discovered three cheese packets with his name written on them. Suspecting Williams had done this, based on the previous day’s unfound allegation, the roommate confronted Williams.

A spat apparently ensued, and Williams then grabbed a knife, entered the kitchen, and “came at me with it,” the roommate allegedly told Jax. Williams was apparently upset because he believed the roommate had called him “stupid.”

“[The roommate] said that Mr. Williams placed his right hand on his left shoulder to prevent him from leaving and said ‘don’t ever call me stupid, I’ll kill you mother f—er,'” Brady reported.

Williams’ “teeth were clinched, his eyes got real big, and I truly thought he was serious,” the roommate told Jax.

The roommate said Williams yelled at him for some 10 to 15 seconds before retreating to his bedroom, where he stayed the rest of the night.

Another roommate corroborated the accuser’s story, as told to Jax.

On Saturday, the alleged victim filed a report with Snowmass police. And Sunday, Jax spoke to Williams, who allegedly confessed and said he overreacted. Williams said he put the name labels on his roommate’s cheese as a joke. He added that he and his other two roommates had been “feeding the kid” throughout the summer, Jax reported.

As of Tuesday night, Williams remained incarcerated in the Pitkin County jail on $6,000 bond.

He was advised of the pending charges of felony menacing and false imprisonment Monday in the chambers of Pitkin County District Judge James Boyd. The charges carry prison sentences of one to three years. Williams also faces a misdemeanor harassment charge, which carries a sentence of up to six months in county jail with a conviction.

Williams told Judge Boyd that he works as a caddy at the Maroon Creek Club, where he’s a seasonal employee. He spends the rest of his time in Houston, he told the judge.

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