Snow addictions |

Snow addictions

Steve Benson

When you’re obsessed with the weather and snow, as I am, sometimes it’s easy to feel lonely, isolated and depressed.Earlier this winter I was hunched over my computer in the dark looking at radar imagery when my girlfriend told me she thought I had a problem. I just ignored her as I muttered phrases like “El Niño,” “low pressure,” and “deep trough.” On her way to bed, she hissed, “I don’t even know you any more.” I shouted back, “8-12 inches by tomorrow morning.” She just shook her head.Over the next couple months I came to terms with my addiction. She loved me when it snowed – those were our good days. But the lows were really low, and in February, I hit rock bottom. After the third of a series of forecasted big storms seemed to vanish, I screamed out my window into the night air, “Why is this happening? It’s dumping in the Sierras. Why, why, why?”She slapped me across my face, pulled me into the shower and blasted me with cold water – just like Dexter Rutecki in “Aspen Extreme.” I looked at her through my wet eyes and I knew I had a problem. I was addicted to snow. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing pretty good. Yeah, I still bitch about high pressures and stuff but I’ve kicked radar and satellite imagery. Then I got an e-mail on Tuesday that changed everything. “As someone who also spends way too much time thinking about weather and snow, I was glad to read that I wasn’t the only one who was thinking ‘Oh shit’ as most of the people on the hill were praising the beautiful spring weather,” the message stated. I read on with wide eyes, “It looks like there is some hope ahead in the form of a ‘significant pattern change.'”I quickly scrolled down to the long-range report he’d attached, and yes, it confirmed a welcome change. I realized then that I’m not alone, and maybe I don’t have a problem. Plus, it’s going to snow again next week.Sorry sweety. Thanks Mike Connolly!

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